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Source: www.Uncensored-Gutter.com

Chinese Selfshoot Prostitution Sex Tape Leaked

Chinese Model Lee LingYue Leaked Nude Photo Scandal


This chick from China is a model and she is at the center of a large leaked nude photo scandal there and her name and nude photos have been splashed all over Chinese websites. She was a little known model until naked photos were leaked by a photographer some believe to be her ex-boyfriend. Her name is Lee LingYue (李琳玥) but since her nude photos were leaked she has gain the nickname "御姐很哀伤" (Mature Lady Very Sad)" on Chinese web forums and news sites. She is currently very hot and famous in China's online community. We have found 10 folders of nude photos and 8 HD sex videos of her with the main leak suspect and in these videos she is sucking the cock of this lucky man who took these nude photos and videos. We have posted some of her nude and sex photos before but there were a lot more. We will let you wait a little bit more for the HD videos and the full photo sets download but here is a little teaser. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Lee LingYue or Mature Lady Very Sad resources first appeared around December 2013. Some people believe the photos and videos appears cause by hacking. Nonetheless, some rumors said, "Mature Lady Very Sad" very famous at web long time ago. "Mature Lady Very Sad" is selling her own nude photos and sex videos to the people on the Weibo "微博" and Wechat "微信".

After some research by Chinese net users, it was found her that she come from Hunan, Yongzhou, China. She is a Hunan Mass Media College graduated and now settled in Changsha. And she work as a fashion model part-time.

The photographer, the person suspecting of who selling these photo and video, is a man named He ZiHao (贺子豪) and he is a top student who graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering at Hunan University and now work at Changsha Dongtang Institute. He is suspecting of selling Lee LingYue's photos to rich clients and he is being investigated by local police.

According to information provided by enthusiastic net users in China, the scandalous photos and videos were sold are far more than the 18 sets we have at the moment. And some of the photos and videos were resold by some clients of He ZiHao at lower prices before things got out of control and most of the photos and videos went public online. Although the prices were not cheap, their business were good, bring them more than thousands of RMB in income monthly. Much more to come but we will leave you with these photos as a teaser:

In coming days, we will upload her nude photo sets and sex videos for our reader so be sure to check back soon.

Source: http://www.Uncensored-Gutter.com


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