Casey Starrific and Faith: A police report has been made

A police report has been made regarding the nude photos of local models Casey Starrific and her boyfriend and Faith. The person informed me and warned that I should take down the pictures. I need to state that I did not leak the photos, they were sent to me from a reader who informed me that they were found freely on a local forum. In other words, these are all open information. I did not force any of these girls or the photographer to divulge these photos and neither did I steal or hack from them.

If I get into trouble with Police again, like I did when I exposed the pictures of DJ Tenashar, I might have to lay low or close down this blog. Maybe a trip a neighboring country would be good.

When I started this blog, I knew there was price for exposing and publishing the truth. To let my readers see beyond the surface was the reason I started this. But I guess it's not that easy to continue to do this when it is just a hobby. A big thank you to my readers who have been keeping this blog alive. Hopefully, I can still continue....